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  1. Sunt curios cum avetii montat invertorul dumneavoastra,si anume daca este montat cu panouri fotovoltaice sau la reteaua stradala.Asi dori sa ma indrume si pe mine cineva sau sa-mi trimeata cum pot realiza si eu asa ceva acasa.Puteti sa ma contactati pe adresa .

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  3. gaelikaa August 20, 2007 Sounds more like a case of sibling rivalry than competition fever. My youngest Nathan (4) gets more treats than the elder ones and they currently hate him! I make it up to them by spoiling them rotten when Nathan is out for a drive with his Dad….again!

  4. November 25, 2012 at 5:01 amso i want to house my phone from the black bold, to the white bold. i bought real housing from ebay anyways, i heard that when you house your phone, it totally screws up the antenna in it and the connection! and i do not want that to happen or my ma will kill me hahaha so i just want to know the best way to house it without it messing up… pleease i need help

  5. I noticed last summer walking around Atlanta that the city had installed “Stop” for pedestrian signs in the crosswalks, with a little stop sign rather than yield sign. I also know from the experience of my family members down there that there was increased enforcement of the yield to pedestrian law, in fact my brother got a stiff ticket for it. From my experience of walking several miles around the city of Atlanta, pretty much the paragon of American sprawl, I’d say the signs and enforcement had an effect. I was amazed at how often cars yielded to me in crosswalks.

  6. assallamuaallaikum wr wb,salam jihad HPAI ana mau nanya alamat stokis untuk wilayah serang cibarusah,mohon infonya! Untuk lebih mempermudah para mitra HPA sebaiknya diinsert alamat stokis/PA/PJ dalam web HPA indonesia..semoga sukses HPAI dengan sistem yang baru ini dan harapan tetap istiqomah untuk memajukan Produk HAlalan Thoyibah…

  7. Lo Iab???Credo che la vera cultura sia in noi stessi, sul modo di catalogare i nostri successi e insuccessi a seconda degli anni e dei cambiamenti.Sono d’accordo su quello che scrivi nel post, infatti bisognrebbe discutere fra colleghi di diverse agenzie di tutto, senza invece presentarsi a convegni come lo IAB mettendosi in mostra solo per i successi.Non impariamo nulla così…e gli ospiti dei convegni lo sanno che non è sempre tutto rose e fiori per chi presenta le sue case history.Fabri

  8. Interesting, I’m not surprised if its true – though I hear lots of rumours and so I’d take it with a pinch of salt until its confirmed. A craft village would have a bit of cross over with the wildlife/green side of things so that wouldn’t be too bad.We have to remember that not too long ago there was a large theme park on the site, so we can’t expect to have it back for nature – despite its potential.

  9. Estava conversando com um professor no inicio do ano e ele comentou comigo sobre este programa, estou ancioso também para conferir, ele comentou também que ainda restariam um pouco de algumas frequências alheis de outros timbres da música, porém quando vim aqui para digitar isso me lembrei do famoso Gate ! Ai sim !E quanto ao seu comentário aliando ele ao melodyne, meu deus do céu ai sim o infinito não existirá mesmo.

  10. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So good to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this website is something that’s needed on the net, somebody with a little originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  11. But his actions Friday, aside from being evil, don't even make sense. If his goal was to stem Muslim immigration, the logical way to do that would be to unmask Muslims as violent extremists (easy enough to draw the crazy out of them, with cartoons, amateur movies, and other stunts), or to highlight the contradictions between the pro-gay views of the Norwegian left and the intolerance of the Muslims. Yeah, if that was his goal. But if you look at his manifesto you'll see that was not his goal.

  12. C’est cool, tu vas te faire des américop’s avec ces journées « Je ne me suis d’ailleurs jamais autant appliquée à faire un sac (doublé ma chère!)! » : alors là je dis non, tu as oublié que mes lapins ont un super beau sac doublé et décoré des belles carottes en 3D ^^

  13. Something is certainly happening. I saw on tv yesterday how the Pakistani army is pushing the Taleban away from town to town. A Danish reporter was out there, and the scene was, ahem, lively. Fortunately, the shooting was away from the place of reporting, just to tell the Taleban to back off, for they had a reportage to protect.But as far as I know, the current campaign of uprooting Taleban started during Musharraf time?

  14. Å ikana je odraz rodinnej výchovy,odraz prostredia.Je potrebné pochopiÅ¥ podstatu kto Å¡ikanuje a koho Å¡ikanuje slabší jedinec, vylúčený jedinec.Kladiem si otázku čo triedny kolektív, prirodzený vodca- triedny učiteľ – kde sa srala chyba ?vypestovaÅ¥ v Å¡ikanovanom pocit postaviÅ¥ sa na vlastnú obranu obhájiÅ¥ si svoje miesto aj za pomoci VaÅ¡ej dcéry, vzbudiÅ¥ v Å¡ikanovanom sebadôveru samú v seba: pomož si človeče aj Pán Boh ti pomôže. Ivan

  15. Fantastic reading Dr Mourik. Even though I’m still at the very early stages of my medical training, I find some solace in the thought that options don’t diminish with age. I think I like the idea of a hobby farm too!GD Star Ratingloading…

  16. Thank you for this post! Perfect timing for me. Sugar and wheat are my drugs of choice. And what you said resonated so much. And the approach of loving myself and taking care of me….much better than “discipline” Much to think about.[]

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  18. Get rid of beta channels! Bring back the old bulletins like we had before. Let users create more than one account with one email address. Delete accounts that people have not logged into for over a year. Get rid of the "Show more comments" thing, bring back paged comments. And it would be nice if all the bugs and glitches could be fixed. Also, less ads.

  19. nov18 Me gusta el trailer, aunque sí es verdad que recuerda a “Cómo entrenar a tu dragón”. Esperemos que sólo sea la primera impresión y esta nueva peli nos emocione como ya lo hicieron el viejecillo de Up o mis queridos Marlin y Dori.


  21. Wish I could delete the 1mins videos I uploaded in the past which have been flagged as copyrighted (perhaps this so called fair use is bullshit), but hey, I can't. At least make it retroactive, I have quite a lot of personal videos on my channel and only 4-5 perhaps "copyrighted" videos I uploaded in the past, I think it is pretty unfair.

  22. theres a great thing about gt5 you can use the music on the ps3 hard drive so you can have van halen back! also ac/dc or w/e you like as long as you can get it on the drive you can listen to it.i have a ps3 media server application i use to transfer mp3′s from my pc to ps3

  23. sono la moglie di un caporal maggiore scelto abbiamo una bimba da circa 25 giorni mio marito ed io viviamo in due regioni diverse io sicilia lui nel lazio dove è in servizio, ieri è rientrato in caserma ed è un continuo via vai, ogni volta è brutto lasciarsi specialmente adesso che c’è una bimba. Avere un alloggio vicino la sua caserma è molto difficile, c’è una graduatoria infinita, pagare l’affitto a roma è impossibile con una famiglia a carico e una macchina da mantenere, volevo concludere che è una vita difficile!!!!

  24. un pit-bull non e' diverso da un volpino: e' un cane…come tutti i cani, puo' essere amichevole e festoso, o incazzoso e rabbioso.la differenza tra un pit-bull e un volpino la si nota solo nel secondo caso: il pit-bull morde piu' forte.il succo del discorso e': non ti interessa sapere se io sono un pit-bull o un volpino, visto che non hai intenzione di farmi incazzare vero?(seee… magari… alcuni finche' non li mordi come si deve, manco ti prendono sul serio…)Larsen

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  26. Hm , zupy to ja uwielbiam , to jest to co mogę jeść na okrągło domowe zupy i domowy chleb ale zdjęć im nie robię bo nie potrafię je pokazać tak smacznie jak na to zasługują A ty Basieńko poradziłaś sobie (z zdjęciami zup) wręcz koncertowoTo jest jedno z najpiękniejszych zdjęć zupy/zup jakie widziałam Och jakbym taką zupę zjadła

  27. I think a huge part of learning to cook at home is figuring out where you can cut corners and where you can't. I'm a big fan of boxed chicken broth and even frozen veggies on occasion. And I am NOT ashamed of that. This soup looks so light and delicious…love the infusion of lemon.

  28. This is my earliest time i afflict here. I base so tons absorbing baggage inside your blog particularly its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I judge Im not the just one having all of the gratification here! keep up the nice work.

  29. Ciao Vince! Con la puntata di ieri avete chiuso alla grande l'edizione di quest'anno. L'omaggio a Steve Irwin mi ha commosso… io lo seguivo spesso e come ti avevo detto già in un messaggio, mi manca e ci manca molto. Il suo entusiasmo era contagioso, il suo modo di parlare degli animali era incredibile. Bhè che dire di più… avete concluso alla grande!! Ora un po' di meritato riposo, ma non adagiatevi troppo perchè noi aspettiamo le nuove puntate!!! Vince, non sparire che dobbiamo riempirti d'idee per la prossima stagione. Ciao!!

  30. Global Warming and Climate Change is the biggest environmental issue that we face these days. the long term effects of these environmental changes to a nations economy is quite damaging. there would be a shortage in food supply as well as on water supply too ….

  31. A most depressing but realistic assessment of all of our futures. I've been telling anyone who will listen, most of all my family and friends, to stock up, arm themselves if they are not already armed and have as much ammunition available so that they can afford to cover any eventuallity.

  32. zerbinette : on est le seul pronom à pouvoir aller avec l’article, surtout pour des raisons d’euphonie : « si l’on veut ».« On est un con », ou un sot, ou un imbécile : formules pour moquer le côté indéterminé et vague de ce pronom.

  33. Wat een lief verhaal!Maar even mopperen over je eigen situatie mag altijd, en inderdaad . . . altijd zijn er dingen/mensen waarbij het erger is maar dat is geen reden om niet even verdrietig te zijn om je eigen situatie.En wat ik leuk vind aan de foto van jou en je opa is dat er een katje op staat, helemaal jouw ding!Veel sterkte en liefs!!!!

  34. "Build a car on a Checker cab type body-on-frame platform, with a pushrod small-block Chevy powerplant and a GM Turbo Hydromatic transmission,"That's how checker's came from the factory, 1964 on. You could get one with a four-on the tree (a VERY nice option, if you wanted a four speed stick and had a girlfriend who liked to sit real close)but most were THD 400's. The frame was a modified truck frame, if i recall correctly. A Marathon was designed to go 200,000 miles, and most of them did. Babe magnet, I'm telling you.

  35. I think its just people aren’t crazy about data and stats, or do not understand the value in them.Whenever I start a website redesign the first thing I want to do is check out the Google Analytics to see exactly how the current site is being used and then improve upon that aspect.

  36. “Are there any resources that we don’t have that you would love to see us offer?”I haven’t thought about this thoroughly, but the following titles come to mind:Jerusalem Bible (with full notes)Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (six volumes)A Hebrew grammar (any author)

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  38. Nos, azért jelenlegi miniszterelnökünket Hitlerrel és Sztálinnal párhuzamba állíani – mondhatni kicsit erÅ‘s. Mondhatni költÅ‘i túlzás. Viszont ez esetben nem értem, hogy a bejegyzés miért nincs rímbe szedve? :PUgyanakkor aki itt rendÅ‘rállamot kiált, annak a szemére csúszott alvás közben a sálja, melynek színe ugyan kék, de felébredvén a mélyreható sötétség fogja körbe az embert tÅ‘le… (Az, hogy nincs igazságszolgáltatás, az nem jelent rendőállamot – bár szerintem téged nem az igazságszolgáltatás hiánya zavart…)

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  40. I’m very sorry to hear that you are struggling with Fibromyalgia and what sounds like depression. I have only seen 1 diagnosis of fibromyalgia made in the past. It is a very difficult diagnosis to make because it is a diagnosis of exclusion and difficult to treat because it has a strong psych component. The doc probably doesn’t want to label a psych diagnosis on you for insurance reason. Stick with the Paxil daily and it will pay off in the end. Hope you feel better.

  41. A propos de Pierre Ontoniente, dit « Gibraltar », dont parle Vincent, c’est l’un des tous derniers vivants de la bande à Brassens, il était présent mercredi dernier à la petite cérémonie donnée lors du départ de Pierre Louki.Il y a quelques années, lors d’un concert de Louki, j’avais rencontré l’un des autres membres de la bande à Brassens, René Iskin (qui avait fait le STO avec Brassens en Allemagne) et qui venait d’ailleurs de sortir consacré aux chansons de Georges, dont plusieurs inédits.

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  43. After Mark Bunker's Xenutv1 account has been suspended, this 'policy' seems hollow and meaningless rather than providing "clear rules and fair consequences"This man has done absolutely nothing to break any of You tube's rules yet youtube betrays it's core principles so as not to upset its sponsors, by suspending this account. It's utterly disgraceful. xenutv1 will be reinstated immediately.

  44. Those shots of Oupa are gorgeous – I really want to meet him! This wedding has a lovely feel and you captured it beautifully. If I ever have an anniversary bbq, not only will you be there drinking champers, but I'll be sneakily getting you to photograph EVERYTHING!!

  45. I do agree with all the ideas you’ve introduced on your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for novices. Could you please extend them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  46. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this in my hunt for something concerning this.

  47. Great title. Obama just came to my town and one of his claims is that if he is elected, all torture will be banned – this is not an acceptable way of getting info. So obviously he assumes, as most of us do, that GW is a big fat liar.

  48. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  49. americans love talking trash and being cocky, but as soon as someone with a different accent does it they get all threatened by it. Bisping is a better coach and is the only reason to watch the show anyway as there a few good fighters on both teams. Bisping will beat Hendo.

  50. Cristian Dragnea, eu propun cite referendumuri vrei tu in Romania si oriciti sustinatori as avea voi si vor fi egal cu zero pentru ca initiativa populara nu este recunoscuta in statul democratic Romania (e un exemplu). Solutia ar fi o revolutie care sa-i mature pe potent potentatii astia si sa ne dea si noua dreptul sa propunem orice prostie sau orice idee geniala ne trece prin cap.

  51. : c’est vrai que le modèle s’adresse, malgré sa vocation généraliste, à des côtes particulièrement à l’abri. Il s’agit plutôt d’un tourisme saisonnier et réservé à des archipels où le climat est peu changeant pendant des périodes déterminées.J’ai présenté le modèle Aqua,mais il existe aussi :- un modèle Terra.- un modèle Mountain.Ces deux derniers modèles sont d’une utilisation adaptée à tous types de climats.

  52. Tranquilli …..tranquilli….ormai lo schema è consolidato nella sua pochezza attuativa e miseria di contenuti.Ciclicamente si ripetono attacchi al cibo biologico, al biodinamico, al vegetarianesimo, al veganesimo ecc., utilizzando argomenti come lacci e lacciuoli per coloro che, tentennanti sulla scelta per loro corretta, vogliono farsi accalappiare e rientrare "nell'ovile". "….non ti curar di loro ma guarda e passa."

  53. Effectivement, les forums de clans/guildes/équipes sont le nerf de la guerre!Toute l’astuce est dans la conception d’un réseau social qui conserve et agrège ces « petites niches » A cet égard, si la plate-forme actuelle ne fait guère mieux que ses concurrentes (bon, si, on fait quand meme 10x leur trafic au bas mot! :p ), l’évolution de GameCreds (prévue sous peu) colle tout à fait à cette vision!Avec plaisir si vous avez du feedback

  54. This doesn’t make any sense.The milk tested negative for the bacteria which poisoned the kids, yet it is being fingered as the cause?At any rate, my instincts tell me to buy my raw dairy from a small, local, transparent operation where I can see everything and get to know my farmer.Bigger usually invites speed which generates sloppiness…I’m not terribly happy with McAfee but this seems absurd!

  55. Natalie, Thank you so much for this note. I’m so glad you found the post and that it helped you. What I’ve found is that some days I still find myself thinking about fiction, but the thoughts don’t last for long. One day when they do again, I figure I’ll go back in that direction. For now it’s been such a relief to let my interests pull me along rather than forcing myself to honor my interests of days past. If that makes sense . . . Stay in touch! We’re connected on Twitter now so that’s great. Nina

  56. Les muslims, ils commencent par te dire qu’il faut rien dire sur le coran…Et de fil en aiguille, il voudraient qu’on avale leurs sornettes !Sinon, ils sont véners :-DSi y a bien un truc qu’ils supportent pas les muslims…c’est quand tu dis que tu crois pas leurs salades !Le coran, c’est un truc te préparer à fermer ta gueule.Quand t’es Français… tu dis ce que tu veux! Ça s’appelle la liberté d’expression. Et quand t’es Français t’encule la loi du silence :)

  57. Напиши коментар Можете да използвате тези HTML етикети и атрибути: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>

  58. , the truth is emotionally stressful for a lot of people, and this vote is unbelievable. It seems we not only have financial jihad, but politically also.Will Cyber Bullying shut us down? Who knows? They may think we don’t know what their real aim is, but we do. They’re interested in shutting us down, not the obots. I’ve fallen behind in my reading, but will catch up on it in the next day or so. Until I am forced to do so, I’ll keep speaking my piece. More later.

  59. , I dated the only black guy in town. And my dad was none to happy about it… But, when I finally joined the Air Force and was stationed in Montana, I dated most of the only black guys in that state (and there were a few in Great Falls, mostly all military types tho). I like to celebrate diversity in my own way I guess.

  60. dit :Je crois qu’il y a chez moi en permanence quelque chose de perdu… et puis on finit par le retrouver un jour ou l’autre, la maison n’est pas percée, mais c’est plus ou moins facile selon le volume de l’objet perdu. En ce moment, pour la 2e fois, j’ai perdu quelques bijoux cachés dans la maison lors de vacances pour les préserver d’éventuels voleurs. Cachés où ? Je ne sais point……finalement, j’ai fait installer une alarme, c’est mieux !!

  61. I can definitely relate to feeling anxious and unhappy because of not knowing all the answers “RIGHT NOW!” It’s true that the key to reducing the emotional torture is an internal adjustment, not necessarily working harder (or more obsessively) to find all the answers, or fixing every detail of your circumstances. Please share any practices that have helped you “let it all go”! And as for “We have ‘ah-ha’ moments and ‘ah-sh*t’ moments”…WORD.

  62. You can certainly see your expertise in the work you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart. “In order to preserve your self-respect, it is sometimes necessary to lie and cheat.” by Robert Byrne.

  63. Not sure if anyone else that uses the stable Google Chrome 6.* on Ubuntu noticed that the page(starting under he address bar) freezes from time to time for up to 4-5 seconds, but then it returns to the normal state. In the frozen state the scrollbar doesn't work but only the text in the address bar can be selected and the tabs can be changed.

  64. I finally decided to watermak my images for one reason and one reason only. That is, advertising. If someone shares the image, I'd like to hope that someone will see my watermark and look me up. It took me a long time to come up with something I thought was elegant, yet unobtrusive and represented my brand well ( did pay for the software! LOL).

  65. 1. leveto a raison: malgré les apparences, il n’y a pas d’intrus dans la liste (lynx, Lyncée) et il s’agit d’attributs de héros de la mythologie gréco-latine.2. lamid, s’il était encore vivant j’inviterais volontiers ce « dirigeant soviétique » à partager un cornet de frites au stade vélodrome. Grand spectacle, sur le terrain et dans les tribunes. Dramaturgie toujours renouvelée. Le lendemain nous irions voir Ninotchka. Ou un vieux Disney ? Non, là c’est seulement pour vous embêter.

  66. Ico, até quando vocês jornalistas são obrigados a ficar no Bahrein? Os veículos de comunicação querem ter kamikazes iguais aos enviados ao Egito semanas atrás?E a associação dos pilotos está enfraquecida para tomar posição firme? Só posso desejar a todos no Bahrein PAZ.

  67. an excellent spawn rate. It’s used to be busy though, so skip through some channels to find an empty one. At level 46 it’s good to go to Singapore (with the plane in Kerning City) and fight Truckers.At level 52 you go to El Nath and fight Hectors and White Fangs. Take the black VIP Taxi in El Nath and you will be taken right to the correct map.After that try some monsters out in Ludibrium, and then the Haunted House in NLC. (Twisted Jesters – lvl 70 monster).

  68. Very interested in this project, been over to France and Belgium many times as my great grandfather is buried in st.vaast military cemetery and his brother has a memorial at ploegsteert. I like to visit as many cemeteries as possible and hope to be going this year. So would love a visit to this project, also would like to get involved but I realize this is difficult.Regards Colin

  69. J'ai rien compris non plus des bloggueurs/euses invités ou pas… Et pis la dernière fois que j'ai eu des nouvelles de l'Elysée c'était parce que c'était l'arbre de Noël.Je ne t'envoie pas de photos de mon sapin, il est bien trop beau (bien que déjà tombé deux fois et régulièrement attaqué par le chat).

  70. Enviado por LEx em 18 de maio 2011 às 13h09.LEx, (viajando) pensando no seu comentário, se o homem não teve tempo para “inventar” a máquina do tempo, será pelo fato de uma das duas hipóteses abaixo apresentadas:- Ou não é tecnologicamente possível.- Ou a humanidade foi extinta da terra antes.Putz, se Jesus não me salvar tô f… .

  71. Hi K, I love how your card turned out!! I love how adventurous your creative mind is…always new tricks to share with us!! With this one it’s the ribbon slotted AND stitched! Love all the stitching…I am so lucky to have received a new sewing machine from my mum n dad recently! bx

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  73. As someone who’s well accustomed to failure – and indeed a touch of RSI, I do see what you’re saying. BUT – we can’t all succeed at everything we do and I truly believe it’s wrong to let people think otherwise. How are you going to embrace and rejoice in success – as I have quite blatantly and shamelessly with NaNo – if you haven’t been slapped round the face by failure as well? And – I would swiftly add – NaNo doesn’t slap those who don’t ‘win’ in any way – they just keep on encouraging them.

  74. Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to grasp a lot about this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something. I feel that you can do with some p.c. to pressure the message home a bit, however other than that, this is magnificent blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

  75. Hai lieverds, even een berichtje dat alles hier goed gaat. We hebben vandaag in zee gezwommen, en het eten is hier prima. Kelly wil jij dit mailtje ook naar Jeroen en Mar. sturen, en Erik en Lucy, want ik beantwoord jouw mail, want ik heb hier geen email adressen. We hebben het erg gezellig, alleen erg warm.Dikke zoenen aan allemaal, pa en ma.

  76. christoofar LIEberman pro-choice? I will never forget an interview I saw with him & his wife,during the 2000 election, when asked about his position in regards to a woman's reproductive choices. I've never seen a more uncomfortable look on a politician's face before or since, & the resulting rambling non-answer out of his mouth convinced me he was full of bat guano. He later hoodwinked both Planned Parenthood & NARAL into supporting him for re-election, only for him to vote to seat Sam Alito in the Supreme Court.

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